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Prof. dr. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj

Climatologist dedicated to environmental protection, co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

The human species is growing, both in abundance and in economic and consumer appetites, and planet Earth remains the same size. That is why we have problems: global fishing already exceeds the annual growth of fish, the amount of abstracted water, the amount of regeneration, deforestation, the rate of increase, and greenhouse gas emissions, the capacity to neutralize them in the atmosphere, vegetation and sea. It is frightening that more than three-quarters of the things humanity produces are used only once and then discarded. Such an example of this are plastic products. Each of us throws away 50 kg of plastic a year. And the part of this plastic that will not be recycled will disintegrate for 450 years. That’s 7 times as long as the average person lives. Plastics account for the largest share of waste in the sea, where more than 10% of the plastic produced annually ends up there. If humanity continues in this way, in 2050 there will be a greater mass of plastic in the seas of the world than fish. All of this is calling for change - and the first step is likely to abandon disposable plastic products!

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doc. dr. Barbara Perić ,dr. med.

specialist in general surgery, surgeon oncologist

The oceans have become landfills for plastic waste, marine animals have been poisoned by plastic degradation products and are threatened with extinction due to the accumulation of microplastics in their reproductive organs. Can an individual do anything at all or just observe and surrender to reluctance? We often encounter lethargy in oncology. Patients and doctors. But let's learn to beat it! We know that there are no instant solutions and that true happiness lies in simple things. A walk with a loyal dog waiting for the owner to return from treatment, cycling on a sunny day, a trip to nature with the children or a chat on a bench in front of the clinic with a young glazier recovering after surgery. But the batteries are full again. It is a long time ago what the sages wrote "he who saves one life saves the world". Perhaps it is precisely because of one bottle left on the store shelf that a handful of sea crabs or bacteria that form oxygen in the ocean survive. And maybe just in a moment of lethargy and despair, the sight of some tiny sea creature running past our feet restores a smile and joy to life. So let's take a small step towards YOUR happiness, drink a bottle of water and spend a day without plastic in nature!


Prof. dr. Samo Zver ,dr. med.

The environment is like a bone marrow. In the latter, in order for the blood cells we need to live to grow, divide, and stay healthy, they require an appropriate bone marrow stroma, which is a learned term for the blood cell environment in the bone marrow. And if such a small thing as a blood cell needs a healthy and positive environment, it is clear that man as a complex whole made up of billions of cells needs at least as healthy an environment as the cells in the bone marrow have. So let’s start behaving sensibly. Without a healthy environment, there will be no healthy people. By this I mean physical and mental health. Let’s be people we don’t care about, maintain a healthy stroma of interpersonal relationships and goods. And maybe the bottle that goes away, and the bottle that comes in its place, will be the trigger that will trigger the avalanche, pla .avalanche of positives in our heads, our perception of reality. Let's take care of the environment today!


Peter Prevc

Ski jumper, holder of four Olympic medals, winner of the Grand Crystal Globe and the Golden Eagle

My desire as an athlete is to preserve our planet for posterity. Since we have one of the cleanest waters, I always drink tap water myself. As a Gorenje resident, I am not only saving money, but also waste. In our family, we use every plastic package several times. I really wish that we in Slovenia manage to reduce plastic waste. That is why I support the movement, which also has a charitable purpose. And this bottle is beautiful.


Darko Đurić

former top paraglider, two-time world champion, world record holder, and today an entrepreneur and motivational speaker

As an athlete, I have traveled a large part of the world and seen that plastic is a big problem that our descendants will face if we do nothing. Therefore, I am happy to support the "" campaign, as it is about raising public awareness of the harmful effects of excessive use of plastic products, as well as using a nicely made bottle for the first steps towards a better, less plastic-contaminated future.

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